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“We chose to use EIRís services because of our faith in their capabilities, and their ability to tailor a solution that met our needs. Throughout the project, they showed great commitment. I donít think we would have had such a high comfort level with any other group.”

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Experience with hundreds of HR applications and system deployments, all of EIR's services are designed to ensure you leverage the maximum value from our products and your Oracle PeopleSoft applications.

EIR brings deep technical expertise, breadth of functional knowledge and a wide range of productivity tools to help you achieve your goals. When you add these strengths together with your EIR dedicated project team, you get the results you expect.

HR, Benefits, Compensation, & Payroll Services demand Compliance
We help your organization, define, create, deploy and manage the right Services for your unique business needs. We are subject matter experts in HR, Benefits, Compensation, and Payroll; we have time-saving tools, a thorough understanding of the technology and the business knowledge to guide you effortlessly through complex projects while enabling your organization to comply with the ever evolving regulatory requirements.

Our Professional Service organization is made up of HR, Benefits, Compensation and Payroll domain experts, IT experts, software engineers and web designers who are dedicated to producing results that will far exceed your expectations. We do not just let you achieve compliance with the latest releases and regulations; we also build impressive looking solutions and reports. Our methodology ensures your HRIS and IS support teams learn from us so you can continue to grow after our work is done.

Service Offering:

  • HR ComplianceHub Implementation Services & Consulting
  • Compliance and Audit Reports Creation
  • Compensation Automation Experts
  • Custom HR solution design and development
  • PeopleSoft Upgrade Services & Consulting
  • PeopleSoft Implementation Services & Consulting
  • PeopleSoft Custom Development Services

HR ComplianceHub Implementation Services
Our HR ComplianceHub solution enables you to ensure critical compliance mandates through a systemic and automated solution that is simple to use. Success is achieved as our service team works with your operational team to assess your compliance requirements, identify gaps and problematic aspects of proving compliance, optimally configuring HR ComplianceHub to your needs, and implementing the solution to maximize your compliance position. As a result we establish a sustainable and flexible environment for maintaining critical organizational compliance. Our implementation methodology uses a multi-phased and interconnected approach to ensure all necessary requirements are discovered, documented, and configured appropriately in the HR ComplianceHub platform. As we engage in the phases of implementation, it is common for clients to re-evaluate and modify their existing compliance practices as they learn more about the robust features and capabilities of HR ComplianceHub. We will work with you to assess your practices and provide guidance on how to maximize the capabilities of HR ComplianceHub to your benefit.

Compliance and Audit Reports Creation
Achieving compliance one day does not mean it will remain so unless a robust audit process is put in place. With the use of our Rwiz reporting solutions, our service team can create the necessary compliance and audit reports you need to monitor and ensure sustained compliance even as government regulations evolve over time.

Compensation Automation Experts
EIR's team has spent more than a decade helping clients automate their compensation practices. We speak the language of compensation and provide expert guidance to manage the complexities of compensation planning. Learn more about how EIR can assist you with your compensation requirements.

Custom HR Solutions
EIR also provides custom HR solutions where client needs extend beyond out-of-box product offerings. Examples of our custom HR solutions include Total Comp & Benefits Statements, Automated FMLA Administration, Automation of Recruiting reports from the Kenexa Brassring datawarehouse, I-9/Employment Eligibility and Tracking, and Turnover Reporting Solutions to name just a few.

PeopleSoft Technology Expertise
PeopleSoft is a popular HRMS system and many of our customers have implemented it at great expense of time and money. In order for you to leverage this large investment we understand that any new solutions must tightly integrate with the PeopleSoft HRMS system. . EIR is committed to staying current with the latest PeopleSoft technologies, and we maintain an Oracle Gold Partner level relationship for such purposes. All our products are compatible with the PeopleSoft HRMS system, and we have years of experience working with and interfacing to PeopleSoft HRMS. In fact, our reporting solutions Rwiz, is the best reporting tool available for PeopleSoft HRMS.

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