EIR COMPStream is Built for Compensation Data Issues
Employee information can be inconsistent and contain exceptions that need to be captured and adjusted. Without COMPStream talent management professionals rely on a time-consuming, manual process of reviewing data to find and fix errors.
Automate, Integrate and Transform Data for SAP SuccessFactors Talent Management Processes
EIR COMPStream supports general talent management data as well as the specific needs of Performance and Goals, Compensation and Variable Pay with its related historical data retention and calculation requirements.

EIR COMPStream Automates These Common Data Challenges:

Accumulation of history for

bonus calculations

Consolidation of data
from multiple sources

Generation of compensation
user data file with ease

Detection and correction
of data errors

Transfer of data between 

compensation and variable

pay templates

Generation of variable
pay employee history file

Capture of manual exceptions

“I love how easy it is to configure changes to the compensation templates!”

                                                                                                                   A Medical Device Company

“An outstanding partner to work with.”

                                    Large CA Private University

One Customer’s Situation and our EIR

COMPStream Solution

This customer had different compensation statements for merit, short-term and long-term incentives. The plans were executed at different times of the year using multiple forms. Some employee plans were administered on SuccessFactors EC and some not.  Producing Total Compensation statements for the organization required consolidation into a single form.

The solution was consolidating and transforming multiple files produced with SuccessFactors ad hoc reports.
used the data from the ad hoc reports and produced one import file to populate a Total Compensation form to generate the company’s final Compensation statements.

Transforming and Creating the Variable Pay History Import File 

The history capture begins with loading the row of history for the plan year for each participant. Thereafter, the history capture can be scheduled to run weekly, monthly, or whatever frequency is appropriate for the customer. The new data coming into SuccessFactors is compared to the history already captured. If different, a new row is added and the information is also reported so that Compensation can verify the validity of the new history row.  Corrections and/or manual overrides
can be handled directly within the back ground element. The Variable Pay Employee History is then generated by EIR COMPStream.
Next the Variable Pay Employee History is imported into SuccessFactors Variable Pay, which then allows the incentives for all employees to be calculated. Once calculated, the Variable Pay Worksheets can be created, followed by producing the Compensation Statements. Being able to generate the Variable Pay Employee History whenever necessary also supports the ability to create periodic accrual reports.

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