Automate and Transform

                 Your Compensation Cycles


Provide fast, easy access to compensation cycle data analytics and improve the user experience with Advanced  Compensation Analytics.


Transform your compensation cycles with EIR Advanced Compensation Analytics. Provide Managers, HR Business Partners and Executives with quick and easy access to timely, actionable compensation cycle summary and detail analytics.


EIR Advanced Compensation Analytics provides decision support tools to everyone involved in the compensation process.

  EIR understands how to leverage technology and implement your business requirements to optimize your technology investment. 

Great Reports Depend on Great Data


Produce great data with COMPStream. You can successfully integrate data from any source and produce clean, validated data for loading into SAP SuccessFactors® talent management applications. Crucial to accurate data, COMPStream automates the capture of exceptions providing comprehensive source data for talent management solutions.

EIR Advanced Compensation Analytics,

a Core Application on the COMPStream


Transforms your compensation cycles by providing fast, easy access to compensation data analytics.

EIR COMPStream Helps Automate

Data Preparation Tasks With Ease

Leverage your data. Access all SAP SuccessFactors® talent

management functions. Deliver great reports and analytics to

executives and managers by using COMPStream.

Company Values

The single most important aspect of our success is the partnership we build with each customer. You understand your organization's strategic goals and business challenges to determine initiatives and

set priorities. We understand how to leverage technology and implement your business requirements

to optimize your technology investment.
Staying ahead of the technology curve is a lifelong passion of EIR's founder, France Lampron. An organization's culture begins 'at the top' and EIR's reputation for delivering state of the art solutions

is consistently demonstrated with the successful completion of each engagement.

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