HR ComplianceHub

EIR's HR ComplianceHub, a comprehensive software management solution, provides organizations with the ability to manage, track and report on required compliance mandates for compensation, leave administration, physical and system security access, and employment.















HR ComplianceHub Modules:


Compensation Compliance

  • FLSA compliant time entry, and closed-loop time certification

  • Automate special incentives calculations and earnings generation

  • Automate overtime calculation

  • Standardize and enforce pay policies

  • Automate re-calculation of earnings for prior pay period adjustments

  • Prove FLSA compliance


Leave Administration Compliance:

  • Event triggered administration for Personal, Medical, Workers Comp, and other leaves

  • Streamline the leave request process even when using third party approvals

  • Prove FMLA, ADA, and Occ Health clearance compliance


Security & Access Compliance

  • Track system with sensitive data, and who should have access to them

  • Re-confirm system access level following a change in status

  • Identify badges no longer assigned to actively engaged employees or contingent worker

  • Perform system access and badges compliance audit


Employment Event Compliance

  • Streamline compliance requirements as a result of changes in status (transfers, promotions, on-boarding, leaves, terminations)

  • Automate complex compliance workflow requiring multiple steps and/or acknowledgement or approvals

  • Produce required audit reports



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" Today over 10,000 of our hospital employees are using EIR's proven HR ComplianceHub."
HR Compliance Director

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