With the focus on implementing best of breed applications to store and manage your enterprise information comes the challenge of finding an easy-to-use and powerful workforce analytics reporting tool that meets the requirements of reporting experts and the security concerns of corporate IT. EIR Rwiz fills that need by giving reporting experts automated features that simplify and streamline operational report generation while providing robust security features. Rwiz delivers performance and productivity for day-to-day operational reporting. Click here to read what our customers are saying. EIR Rwiz offers features such as:


  • Create workforce analytics reports in minutes without any knowledge of programming.

  • Filter, order or group the data on your operational report as needed.

  • Export reports to Excel for further manipulation or analysis.

  • Generate visual graphics such as pie or bar charts in one mouse click.

  • Distribute reports to any number of users over the web

  • Schedule executions of reports.

  • Drilldown into details.

Rwiz is Powerful Rwiz leverages existing technology to help you reach the next level in workforce analytics report generation. Rwiz employs a highly intuitive graphical user interface enabling you to create complex operational reports from a series of simple steps. Workforce analytics reports generated by Rwiz are compatible with any relational databases, ready to be deployed to your end users.


Imagine how quickly you'll be able to generate and distribute those all-important reports. A few of Rwiz automated features are listed below!  Click to get to the Rwiz Glossary



EIR Rwiz provides the non-technical user with a simple GUI driven interface for simple to sophisticated data extraction and operational report writing and stopping just short of three dimensional Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) analysis.

"The Benefit Cost process used to take five queries and forty hours to process... now it takes less than an hour to complete and this includes the time to e-mail the electronic report to the branches."

              Senior HRIS Analyst


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