Rwiz Glossary


Complex expressions

Rwiz provides a series of wizards to generate complex arithmetic expressions, date expressions, and text manipulation expression. For example, you do not need to know any SQL or SQR syntax to add or subtract days from a date, to extract First Name or Last Name from a PeopleSoft name field, or to determine the nearest 1000 from a numeric field.


Complex sub-queries

Tables that store information in chronological order often require special sub-queries to extract just the data you need. Whether you hand code sub-queries or use PeopleSoft Query, this is a time consuming and error prone task. Rwiz simplifies this process by giving you a flexible and simple user interface to generate the sub-query you want.


Not only can your sub-queries extract the most recent or least recent effective date, but you can get the most recent or least recent row from tables that use numeric fields, such as Period, Quarter, or Month, to store historical information in chronological order. This feature is invaluable for generating Payroll reports.


You may specify additional criteria to include inside the sub-query and you can override the key fields where the most recent or least recent row is searched. In keeping with Nuvosoft standards, the user interface for generating sub-queries is easy to use and very efficient.


Effective date criteria

Rwiz automatically detects effective dated tables and generates the effective date criteria for you. Rwiz provides a flexible and intuitive graphical user interface to customize your effective date criteria. You can easily specify additional criteria to include inside the effective date sub-query, and you can override the key fields where the most recent or least recent row is searched. These features are extremely useful if you are looking for a specific effective-dated row.


With Rwiz, not only do you have complete control over your effective date criteria settings, but you can customize them with minimal effort.


Interface files

Not only can Rwiz generate production-ready reports and Microsoft Excel-ready reports, it can also generate interface files. Rwiz supports both tab-delimited and fixed files and Rwiz gives you total control over the formatting of each field.


Join criteria

Rwiz automatically determines how to join tables that you select for your report. This is a great time saving feature especially if you are working with tables that have many key fields such as Payroll and Benefits tables. The unique Rwiz algorithm joins tables with a high degree of accuracy, even custom tables.


Rwiz identifies tables that cannot be joined and allows you to avoid generating SQL that contain cartesian joins. Rwiz also provides a user-interface that lets you modify the join criteria.


Multiple queries

With Rwiz you can easily generate reports that have more than one query (i.e. SQL select statement). This feature distinguishes Rwiz from PeopleSoft Query since Query is limited to only one SQL select statement.


Outer joins

Outer Joins enable you to extract rows from a table even if there is no match in the adjoining table. Rwiz has extremely robust support for outer joins, empowering you to generate highly complex reports.


Rwiz also supports an even more advanced join method, which extracts rows from one table only if no matching rows exist in the table it is being joined to. This feature allows you to write reports that filter out information based on the presence of information in another table. Technically speaking, this join type is a variation of the Exists/Not Exists sub-select construct available in the SQL language.


You can switch between join methods with one mouse click.



Writing SQR reports that request user input can be challenging, especially if the report must run in different modes: from a PeopleSoft menu and from the Process Scheduler.


Rwiz supports the two standard prompting methods available with PeopleSoft SQRs. For SQRs run outside the Process Scheduler, Rwiz can automatically generate the necessary code to capture input parameters from the SQR command line or can call functions stored in .sqc files. For SQRs run within the Process Scheduler, Rwiz can automatically generate the code to read input parameters from the database, or it can call functions stored in .sqc files.


Rwiz provides you with a user interface to easily define prompts and assign them to reports. Once a prompt is defined you can easily reuse it in as many reports as you like.


Row level security

With Rwiz your users can generate reports that are as secure as PeopleSoft Queries, since Rwiz fully supports row level security. In addition, however, Rwiz improves performance and adds features to row level security.


To enhance performance, Rwiz also gives your system or security administrator the ability to turn off row level security for certain users. This feature is extremely valuable for users who need access to the entire database all the time. Row level security is undesirable for these users, since it degrades performance. This feature may easily reduce report run time from hours to minutes.


Rwiz also supports PeopleSoft Fast Security for SQRs as well as custom security tables defined by you.


SETID criteria

Rwiz automatically detects tables that use the PeopleSoft SETID feature and automatically generates a SETID criterion for you, making it impossible for you to forget to supply it.


SETID criteria can cause performance problems, and Rwiz enables you to choose among various SETID criteria methods that might work faster in your environment.



On request, Rwiz automatically generates totals at breaks and grand totals. Rwiz supports many totaling functions such as Sum, Average, Count and more.


Rwiz can also automatically generate summary reports.


Rwiz Glossary

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