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Secure Workforce Analytics Reporting with Rwiz


Rwiz: Secure Report Building and Distribution


HRIS and IT are tasked with safeguarding personal information while making data accessible throughout an organization. Rwiz supports current Oracle/PeopleSoft security and adds automatic encryption, support for different legal requirements, and makes it easy for IT to set security access levels for end-users. For example:


  • End-users can only run operational reports published to where they have access, and will only have data returned to them according to their security level.


  • Write multi-level workforce analytics reports offering end-users the ability to drill down into the data. Security for each select is set in the report definition and is automatically enforced so, once again, only end-users with approved access are able to work with and view specific data.



Automatic Encryption with Rwiz


Automatically require encryption of certain reports prior to distribution. With Rwiz you can add a prompt requiring the end-user of the report to encrypt the results prior to distribution. This encryption setting is flexible allowing you to select the protection of all reports or specific reports.


Supports Your Organization's Legal Requirements with Rwiz

Automatically pull and post the appropriate corporate legal disclaimer in the footer section of each PDF page of a report or at the top of Excel output files. The legal notice(s) are configured at the system level making it easy to ensure that your standard legal disclaimer is applied to all output files containing sensitive data. Learn More about Rwiz

"The Benefit Cost process used to take five queries and forty hours to process... now it takes less than an hour to complete and this includes the time to e-mail the electronic report to the branches."

              Senior HRIS Analyst

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