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Secure Workforce Analytics Reporting with Rwiz

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Rwiz on-the-web, the workforce analytics report distribution module of Rwiz, offers HR and Finance customers a choice on how they view operational reports in a very user-friendly manner. In the past, if the report creator didn't think of all the ways a user wanted to run a report, the user was stuck, or else they called HRIS or FinanceIS for another version of the report. With Rwiz on-the-web HR and Finance customers can run, sort, recall results from a previous run, and display reports by categories. In viewing reports, users can filter a report, hide a field, or sort on a different column. Users cannot however, add new fields or change the structure of a report, they can only manipulate the data presented within the report.

Rwiz on-the-web workforce analytics reports are secure. Security rules ensure that users only see the reports and the data they are authorized to view.

For sharing data, users can download results from the Web to Excel by simply clicking on a button. This provides further flexibility in the manipulation of data for presentations and internal reporting.

Rwiz on-the-web is easily integrated into an existing intranet. No special software is necessary; Rwiz on-the-web supports Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Click here to see Rwiz on-the-web in action.

These are just some of the highlights of Rwiz on-the-web. Enterprise Information Resources offers many additional options to integrate this new product with a company's existing intranet.


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Rwiz on-the-web

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